On our way to Dublin.

A few weeks back we had some great news from Dublin! Museotechniki has been selected to participate in the Web Summit ALPHA Program!!!
With 20.000 attendees expected in Dublin this year, we will have the opportunity to present museofabber.com at the leading tech event in Europe! 
Official ALPHA Startup of the Web Summit, Dublin 2014

Our ALPHA startup badge! Isn’t it COOL?

Being selected to exhibit among the most incredible early stage startups from around the world can only feel good. But Dublin had one more great surprise for us!

We have also been selected to participate in The Silicon Stroll Bootcamp as one of “50 Europe’s most innovative and investable startups”! The bootcamp is organised by the Dublin Business Innovation Centre (Dublin BIC) with the support of the European Investor Gate project.

We can’t wait for November! See you all in Dublin! It will be GREAT!