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Scaling up Cultural Impact on Society

accelerating opportunities in the knowledge economy


Continuous learning is the cornerstone of our business practice. We systematically monitor research outcomes, trends and policies in the field of cultural management and beyond. We learn new skills and experiment with emerging technologies and business models. Curiosity and research skills are helping us to document and understand the fast moving knowledge environment we live in.


We work closely with cultural organisations, industrial partners, research and educational institutions in order to conduct applied research and development. Through R&D partnerships we develop our initial knowledge and create new, specialised and potentially commercial viable concepts. We rely on this knowledge to conceive and prototype new products and services.


We share the outcomes of this research and development process with stakeholders in the form of reports, scientific papers and prototypes. Early and open communication of new knowledge and technology allows us to evaluate its potential cultural impact and measure its commercial feasibility. Sharing also help us to place the end-user experience in centre of our product development strategy.


We build the partnerships and establish the networks needed to scale up promising projects. Our international business experience and understanding of the cultural sector provides us with a unique competitive advantage when it comes to grow and monetise new products. We aim to be the leading commercialisation partner for research organisations in our field.

Our Projects

Cool things that keep us busy


We make culture touchable! Museofabber.com is providing access to 3D Printed-on-Demand museum artefacts to create authentic learning experiences. We assist museums with the technology and skills needed to make their collections 3D printable and we integrate our 3D Print-on-Demand and order fulfilment service into their web and mobile applications under a profit sharing agreement.

museovision AR app

A demo android Augmented Reality (AR) app for cultural content. Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM). It uses AR in order to develop engaging learning experiences. The app is using image recognition technology, so no QR and AR markers are needed. Simply, point your camera to the image and experience magic!

"Going for Gold"

The "Going for Gold: 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and Mass Customisation of Ancient and Modern Jewellery" is a collaboration research project led by the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CPPM) of Bournemouth University and funded by CREATe. It aims to explore the copyright, design and licensing issues surrounding 3D scanning, 3D printing and mass customisation of ancient and modern jewellery, in the cultural and business sectors.


An open source RESTful API desiged for memory institutions in mind. It is a simple, reususable API written in javascript that can issue API keys and send and receive data over server side routes.